Excursion Programm

1) Hike to the mountains to Oliva - backpacks, picnic, visit to the villa of local residents

What could be more great than a family morning walk and breakfast in the fresh air? A morning walk with the whole family along the picturesque streets of Montenegro! Oh, how much everything cognitive can be learned, and yet it has just begun!

Stories about why Montenegro is called “Montenegro”, how natively local products such as “rakiya” and “prshut” are prepared, how long to walk from the Larimar to the former residence of the kings and, of course, where to look for the lost site in the village of Ivanovici to admire the sunrise, and then hide in the shadow of the mill, which is over 1800 years old and has recently been active! And all this in order to get to the Old Oliva - a tree that is more than 2000 years old, and have breakfast on its wonderful territory and feel the majesty of this centuries-old tree!


2) A visit to the National Park  Lovcen, a visit to the rope park, lunch at a restaurant and outdoor activities

Since childhood, we all want to be upper and look down on the whole world - to admire from a bird's eye view everything that can be reached with our eyes! A beautiful view stretches to the very horizon along the road to Lovcen National Park!

To hide from the summer heat in the shade of trees of a natural phenomenon and a national phenomenon of the whole Montenegro - that's what a trip to Lovcen is! An opportunity to spend time with the whole family in the park, sitting in a grove in the very heart of the mountains, or to conquer all sorts of heights in a rope park, where everyone, from the smallest conqueror of the peaks to the oldest, will find a route to their liking? Why choose when you can combine it in Lovcen Park! And after that, enjoy a wonderful lunch at a restaurant located in the estate not far away.


3) Skadar lake by boat with lunch

A walk on the lake is so informative and soothing. And if this lake, in addition to tranquility, rich flora and fauna (where you can see more than 280 species of birds in their natural habitat and more than 30 species of fish), beautiful and friendly locals keep secrets and myths that are passed from father to son and carefully stored in the history of Montenegro? Then a visit to Lake Skadar is the best that you can experience with the whole family! The panorama of Lake Skadar, which can be seen on the way from our accommodation, is a visiting card of Montenegro! The lake constantly changes its water level - maybe you will be able to see the dome of the temple, built in the first millennium, or maybe you will see the fabulous serpent Blora, who was worshiped in ancient times by the peoples living here? After such an eventful walk, you can refresh yourself in a restaurant by the lake and enjoy the views of the Dinaric Alps on the way back.


4) A Lipska cave with lunch. Lunch at the restaurant where the kings dined.

As a child, each of us dreamed that an ordinary walk through the forest with his dog would become an adventure - with a mysterious cave, frighteningly beautiful corridors and exuberant fantasies about what awaits around each new corner. This is how they discovered in Montenegro an object of natural heritage - Lipska cave. Fascinating atmosphere, whimsical creations of nature made of water and stone and only untouched beauty - this will certainly amaze the whole family, because the speleological pearl of the Mediterranean is always glad to new explorers! The smallest ones need to dress very warmly, because the temperature in the cave is from +8 to +12 degrees all year round, and adults can warm up in the bar, which is located inside the cave and offers a choice of a full range of local drinks for tasting. And after a busy route, you will find a place in a restaurant nearby, where the kings of Montenegro held their dinner parties. The bird's eye view of the valley and the level of service will pleasantly surprise you, and the little ones will like the varied menu that this place offers.